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For the man that lacks a strong personal identity and the self-confidence that comes with it, there is no pleasure in courtship, romance or seduction. Every interaction with the opposite sex is a chore.

Meeting women is a chore. Dating women is a chore.  Getting women to have sex is a chore.

This type of man isn’t looking for someone to ‘share his life with’. Instead, he’s looking for someone that is as content to ‘settle’ for any relationship as he is. He’s looking for a woman to provide external validation of his non-existent self-worth.

Once this type of man meets a woman, however, he moves on to the biggest ordeal of all–keeping her sufficiently interested in him to continue the relationship. So once again he turns to the same online ‘dating gurus’ that he sought out when he was trying to meet a woman.  Surely they’ll have a ‘technique’ or a ‘program’ that can teach him how to be interesting to women.

And it’s not just a ‘male problem’–women seek out advice and ‘techniques’ from their own gurus for the same reasons.

Being Interesting Is Not A ‘Technique’ Or ‘Method’

There is no big secret about how to keep a relationship partner ‘interested’. In fact, it’s a very simple process–you have to be interesting, and you have to be interested in others.

Like many things regarding relationships with women, the answers are found by looking inward. Sadly, there are plenty of men who think there’s a shortcut, and once they find the right ‘guru’ to share his technique or ‘method’, they’ll be downright magnetic toward women.

And there are plenty of gurus with plenty of tips on how to act and otherwise comport yourself in ways that women find interesting. The problem is that just mimicking the characteristics that ‘interesting people’ exhibit doesn’t do any good. It’s like thinking that you can become a doctor by dressing and talking like one. It’s all just an ‘act’ and at some point the subterfuge will be exposed.

Needy Men Are Not Interesting Men

For men, the root of their problems with women is a poorly developed sense of self and the lack of confidence that it causes. They can’t believe that a woman could find them attractive, let alone want to be in a relationship with them.

As a result, they generalize that the only reason that any man can attract a woman is by knowing the right ‘process’ in the same way that the right combination opens a safe.  Alternately, they think that superficial improvements–a nice car or a muscular body–is the only thing coming between them and a bevy of beauties.

If this manner of thinking sounds demeaning toward women you’re right–it is. It suggests that women are incapable of the self-awareness to know what they find attractive in a man. Instead, a suitor just has to ‘push the right buttons’ and a woman will fawn all over him.

It’s just as demeaning to the men who feel this way. They don’t believe they have any value as a person, so the only way they can hope to enjoy female companionship is through a needy search for the right ‘method’. The external search for a ‘technique’ to keep a woman interested is especially futile  After all, needy men are not interesting men.

To Keep A Woman’s Interest, Be Interesting

That brings us back to reality. The only way to keep a woman’s interest is to be interesting.

It’s the same dynamic as attracting a female by having the qualities that women find attractive. These are the same qualities that will make you a confident man of passion, integrity, and success. And there’s no shortcut to their achievement–it starts from within. For more on developing these qualities, read “Girlfriend Activation System Review – Breakdown Her Obsession Story And Get The Girl“.

You have to prioritize yourself and value yourself. Most importantly, you have to have a strong sense of personal integrity and live in a way that is congruent with who you are.

Men with a fully developed sense of self have no issues with being ‘needy’ or lacking confidence around women. They are well aware of their value as an individual, and this genuine self-esteem radiates in every situation.  Most importantly, their self-worth isn’t derived from women, nor will they compromise their own integrity or the integrity of others in hopes of gaining favor with one.

This type of man has no problem attracting women, and since these qualities are genuine, he remains captivating and interesting in a woman’s eyes. A strong sense of your own identity is not just the best way to keep a woman’s interest; it’s ultimately the only way.


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