Can You Be Ugly And Get A Hot Girlfriend?

There is this common misconception that extremely attractive women go for good looking men only. This is far from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t so keen about looks when it comes to choosing who they date. You can be short, bald, dark, potbellied, thin or fit any other description of ”ugly” in societal standards buy still get a hot girlfriend.

This can be attributed to a number of factors discussed below.

1. Hot women are instinctively attracted to confident men

Since hot women are highly regarded in society, they get flooded with attention which makes them appear unapproachable from the eyes of any man who doesn’t consider themselves attractive. This is precisely why hot women reward men who are confident enough to approach them. It doesn’t matter how you look.

If you are confident enough to approach an extremely attractive woman, she will appreciate it and give you a chance (if she is available). It’s highly unlikely she will be rude and dismiss you if you approach her confidently with respect. You therefore stand a high chance of making her your girlfriend if you portray confidence from the first moment you meet her.

2. Power and security has nothing to do with looks

Have you ever asked yourself why women seem to be attracted to rich men yet most rich men aren’t the most attractive? Although most people label hot women as gold diggers, hot women and women in general don’t really go for money in its actual sense but the power and security that comes with money.

This explains why hot women will go for the ”ugly” rich fat guy as opposed to the broke guy with a perfect body. It is therefore a question of power and security as opposed to looks when dating hot women.  If you have money, your looks will matter less. If you’re broke, you need to be extremely good looking and ambitious.

3. Being ”The Man” is the key

You can be ugly and get a hot girlfriend if you transform yourself to being ”The Man”. Being ”The Man” takes more than being rich and confident. If you want to finally get the girl you’ve always wanted, you have to represent everything that women naturally look for in a man.

For instance, you must never accept any misbehaviour from women. It is important to note that hot women tend to be more spoilt because they are usually flooded with attention. Hot women therefore tend to have unreasonable demands/requests which shouldn’t be fulfilled by any sane man regardless of their looks.

“The Man” never allows himself to be used by hot women. Please note that women despise men they can misuse. ”The Man” also doesn’t go out of his way to impress women he barely knows. He is himself at all times!

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