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Can Nerve Damage Caused By Diabetes Be Reversed?


Nerve damage caused by diabetes is known as neuropathy. It can cause tingling, numbness, and pain in the extremities, but it can also cause problems with various organs. Neuropathy is a common occurrence in people with diabetes and is seen in about 70 percent of patients in some form or another. It tends to increase as the patient ages or as the length of time they’ve been diabetic increases. Neuropathy is also more likely toLearn More

Weight Loss Plateaus 101: What’s The Best Way To Get Through A Weight Loss Plateau?

Funny Cartoon About Weight Loss Plateaus

So you’ve hit the gym, your workout and diet regimens are working as you want them to, and you’re finally shedding off some weight. You love the incredible changes happening within your body. Then, just when you think “this is it”, the progress suddenly grinds to a screeching halt. A couple of weeks go by, and you go from pure elation at seeing the pounds melt away to complete dejection and contemplating quitting because theLearn More

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