How Do I Get A Girl Away From Her Friends So I Can Ask Her Out?

One question that troubles many guys is, “How do I get a girl away from her friends so I can ask her out?” Getting a girl of your choice away from her friends has been a challenge for many individuals from time immemorial. Women value their social groups very much, this is why it is usually very hard to isolate them.

However, don’t be worried as there are ways that you can make use off, to get her away from her friends. The way a girl behaves in front of her friends can be very different from the way she behaves alone. This may be caused by the fact that, she doesn’t want to be seen by her friends as a loose person.

Today I’d like to talk about two different methods you can use to get one-on-one time with a girl so you can ask her out: the isolation technique, and using a wing man.

1. Isolation technique

Please ensure that before using this particular technique, you have some strong points supporting your course. Do not just pick on any particular girl, pick on the one whom is interested in you and you in her. You can know this by paying attention to these things; does she smile at you a lot? Does she look you a lot? Etc.

Begin your isolation quest by being biased towards her. You can do this by asking questions to her alone. Within no time her friends will notice that you two are engaged in a private conversation. Tell her that you want to show her something and before she answers, ask her friends to let you “steal” her away from them for a few minutes.

Once her friends notice that you two seem to be interested in each other, they will be obliged to let you take her away from them. Now that you have succeeded in getting her away, don’t blow your chance. Build a rapport with her, get her number and request for a date. Thereafter, take her back to her friends as promised.

2. Have a wingman

This is a simpler technique, but not as productive as the isolation technique. Take a friend with you to the date or the party etc. where your girl is. Let him be the one leading the conversation.

Choose the wingman carefully, ensure that he is funny and outgoing. Girls like people who are talkative and funny. This distraction created by him, will give you a chance to sneak out with the girl of your dreams for a few minutes; this will give you an opportunity to request for her contacts and a date as well.

The rules remain the same with those in isolation technique, please pick on the girl who shows interest in you and not any other girl.

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