Is Emotional Intelligence The Best Way To Get A Girl Out Of Your League?

hot girl out of your league

The concept of a “league” which divides everyone in the dating world is not entirely a fable. It is hard to deny that attractive people tend to attract one another and hook up – and, at times, people stay within their existing social classes (be they religious, economic, or otherwise) for romantic pursuits. Studies have shown that this is indeed a real effect, with partners with the highest social desirability often pairing up, although findings have also demonstrated that the situation is not nearly so black and white as the concept of “leagues” might lead us to believe.

The reason someone has for considering a potential partner out of their league is more than likely only one of a huge number of factors weighing on the chance of a successful romance. But the most limiting factor one can have is their own psychological constructs. If you believe that someone is out of your league and that dating them is truly impossible, it may be the case purely by ones own unwillingness to act due to preconceived notions of failure.

It’s All In Your Head

So the first step to get a girl out of your league is to abandon the concept of leagues altogether.  Put your mind in gear with the knowledge that you are in a class of your own, and don’t need to worry about this old school notion of leagues.  If you need help getting girls, read this post.

In a study of traits which romantic partners seek in each other in both long and short-term relationships, researchers demonstrated that so-called “internal qualities” such as intelligence and personality were more influential than “external qualities” like physical attractiveness and monetary wealth. The study also noted that men place a greater value on sexual desirability than women, who placed a greater value on social status than men did.

Quite likely, the most important factor in a relationship is the personalities of the people in it. If there is something between them which allows them to communicate effectively and enjoy each others company, this connecting factor has the potential to overcome any standardized notions of physical attractiveness or social class.

Bringing Emotional Intelligence To The Table

In a study conducted on 103 college students, researchers demonstrated that those who scored higher on tests for emotional intelligence reported higher levels of satisfaction with their interpersonal relationships compared to those who did not score as well.  Emotional intelligence is an important factor in relationships: one which can often lend itself to a much more attractive personality.

Begin your education in emotion today by abandoning the notion of dating leagues and broadening your horizons of possible romantic partners. The best way to get a girl out of your league is to be suave, be charming, relax and be genuine, and when you find yourself at home in the company of a potential romantic partner, have no fear in trying to take it to the next level, no matter how often your buddies tell you shes out of your league.

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